Saturday, May 26, 2012

James H. Thompson; A Civil War Veteran?

Out-of-state family matters, over the last six months, had taken me away from my blog entries. 

I came across an interesting photograph, obtained from a family friend, during my most recent trip to Northern New York.  Below is an image that provides a humorous aspect of family genealogy.

James Harvey [Sic] Thompson, was twenty-one years old when the below image was taken of him, ca.1910.  Can anyone give a reason for his appearance?

Apparently, James was born on February 29, 1820.  To Genealogists who recognize this day of the month, it is easy to see why James appears much older then twenty-one. 

Doing family genealogy can be adventurous.  Learning unique aspects of family history can be fun for a researcher. 

How many of your family members share in James' birth date?  How were they listed on Census reports?

A question that needs to be answered:  Was James H. Thompson a Civil War Veteran?  Being Memorial Day weekend, it would be nice to find out that he was and to rediscover how he served his county.

To all Veterans out there, young and old, thank you for your dedication, sacrifices and commitment to protect our Freedoms.

Semper Fi !

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