Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday~~Recognizing our military K.I.A.

New K.I.A. "Challenge" coins.

I am proud to announce a new joint effort, in recognition to our military K.I.A and the work being done through Resurrection Mission--searching for our "forgotten" veterans; laid to rest in endangered cemeteries.

The designer, owner and distributor of the new "K.I.A. remembrance Coin," has donated some of these coins to be used as a fundraiser for Resurrection Mission.

When purchasing coins directly through Resurrection Mission, 100% of all profits from the sales of these coins, will go directly towards this group's increasing debts.

Options to purchase a coin through Resurrection Mission:

1) Through PayPal--using for business address.

2) Check or money order to:

Jack Robinson/Resurrection Mission
P.O. Box 1501
Richlands, N.C. 28574

Donation price: $23.95/per coin (USD); which includes U.S.P.S. basic mailing service.

Please note: Donations are tax-deductable.

To order direct from exclusive owner/developer of the K.I.A. Remembrance coin:

Contact Terry Peters: (type "K.I.A. coins," in subject line)

through Facebook (using above same address)
Check or, money order (USA) mailed to:
Mr. Terry Peters
642 Deppe Rd.
Maysville Nc 28555

Please note: Pricing remains the same ($23.95 USD), however, purchase price is not tax-deductable.

Other shipping are optional but, additional fees will be required.
Payment in full before shipping.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Langley cemetery update; Richlands, N.C.

Blog post update for: Tuesday, September 07, 2010, --Langley family cemetery; ca.1848

Recently, Annie Bishop, direct descendent of individuals laid to rest within the Langley family cemetery; est. ca.1850, was kind enough to visit and spend time with me telling stories of her Ancestors who are laid to rest within this cemetery.

Annie provided much needed genealogy information in regards to the cemetery. She also corrected information that had been provided by a non-family Elder of the community.

First, this cemetery, although dominated by the Langely surname, is known by local Elders of the community as the Burton cemetery. Over decades other nearby residents have come to know it as the former name, based on the number of Langley family graves.

Annie Bishop stands behind her G-G-grandparents: Lorenzo & Clara Bryan

Second, something Annie confirmed and was elighted to hear, is that not-less-then eight Ancestors in this small family cemetery; served in the War Between the States (American Civil War). She had known that Lorenzo was a C/W Veteran and also believed that there were one; maybe two, additional C/W Veterans.

Carol Bryan-ca.1900, Onslow County, Richlands, N.C.;

Standing in front of family homestead.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Langley family cemetery; ca.1848

The Langley family cemetery (caucasian) was established ca.1850. The exact size of the cemetery is not known but, through family oral history, there are at least six American Civil War Veterans, from the same family.

James & Susan Langley

Notice the birth and death dates.

Images depicted are initial photographs taken when I first went to the graveyard. During the rest of 2010, and through 2011, I will be stabilizing this cemetery, along with the other graveyards; under the care through Resurrection Mission.

In addition to the preservation of this cemetery, a detailed research will be conducted in regards to the individuals laid to rest in this graveyard. Special attention will be during the research to confirm all Veterans of the Langely cemetery.

Very old and tall tree stands over the cemetery

Tall grass hides not-less-then thirty grave sites.

Fallen headstones lay in or, are encrusted by wild foliage.

Three headstones are stacked against one of the older trees.
The graves to these headstones are now "unmarked" and covered with generations of debris.

Updates on the progress of this project, through Resurrection Mission, will be provided over the next eighteen months. Donations will be appreciated but, not required, expected or, demanded.

Friday, September 03, 2010

September 3, 2010--day after Hurricane Earl

I wanted to let people know that I had little problems due to Hurricane Earl. Wind & rain for a few hours. Sun is up now and there seems to be no major property or tree damage around my house. I live on part of the New River waterway so, I will be seeing raising water over the next few days.

I would believe since there is little damage in the area; most of the endangered cemeteries that I care for should be safe and not too damaged.

Best wishes to all, have fun and be safe.


Thursday, September 02, 2010

Reason for not using scotch tape in photo albums

I have been, for the past two weeks, scanning old photographs, many one-of-a-kind, of the Richlands, Onslow County, North Carolina Rhodes family; Caucasian. These images date from ca.1900 to 1960. When I was given these precious jewels; many were simply piled in a small box while most were in an old family photo album.

The old photo album was very brittle and had seen it's better days generations ago. Carefully I scanned the images into my computer to make digital copies. With this "Master" digital file; family members can place the original images into a safe, dry and away from direct sunlight. They are now able to use the computer files to make as many "newer versions" of the images as they want to share among them.

The below series of images were scanned as a whole due to the fragile photo album paper. Notice the use of scotch tape to hold the pictures in place. Today, we have special "acid-free" scotch tape that will adhere to paper without cause the "yellowing" of photos.

Members of the Rhodes family of Richlands, N.C. Date: ca.1910-20.


There are now thousands of "photo or image editing" programs on the market today that even the novice of photo restoration student can develop a quality enhancement of a photograph. The images below depict members of the Rhodes & Bryan family in front of their new home; just outside of Richlands, Onslow County, North Carolina. The structure is long gone due to a multitude of reasons and in it's place--a crop field.

Rhodes & Bryan family standing outside their newly built home.

The date of this image is uncertain but, is beleived to be ca.1905.

Please leave a note if you can help define the actual date.

This is a "cropped" version of the family group photo from above.

Notice the various attire being worn.

Mah, was the Elder of the Rhodes' family


Best wishes to all and I hope you return to this site again soon.