Thursday, September 02, 2010

Reason for not using scotch tape in photo albums

I have been, for the past two weeks, scanning old photographs, many one-of-a-kind, of the Richlands, Onslow County, North Carolina Rhodes family; Caucasian. These images date from ca.1900 to 1960. When I was given these precious jewels; many were simply piled in a small box while most were in an old family photo album.

The old photo album was very brittle and had seen it's better days generations ago. Carefully I scanned the images into my computer to make digital copies. With this "Master" digital file; family members can place the original images into a safe, dry and away from direct sunlight. They are now able to use the computer files to make as many "newer versions" of the images as they want to share among them.

The below series of images were scanned as a whole due to the fragile photo album paper. Notice the use of scotch tape to hold the pictures in place. Today, we have special "acid-free" scotch tape that will adhere to paper without cause the "yellowing" of photos.

Members of the Rhodes family of Richlands, N.C. Date: ca.1910-20.


There are now thousands of "photo or image editing" programs on the market today that even the novice of photo restoration student can develop a quality enhancement of a photograph. The images below depict members of the Rhodes & Bryan family in front of their new home; just outside of Richlands, Onslow County, North Carolina. The structure is long gone due to a multitude of reasons and in it's place--a crop field.

Rhodes & Bryan family standing outside their newly built home.

The date of this image is uncertain but, is beleived to be ca.1905.

Please leave a note if you can help define the actual date.

This is a "cropped" version of the family group photo from above.

Notice the various attire being worn.

Mah, was the Elder of the Rhodes' family


Best wishes to all and I hope you return to this site again soon.


Mavis said...

Cool old pictures!

Practically all the inherited pictures on dad's side of the family received the scotch tape treatment plus they are under that photo album plastic.

Maybe I should just do like you did and scan without removing them.

Jack Robinson said...

Hello Mavis, Nice to hear from you. Scanning an entire photo album page could be a challenge to some people. Keep in mind that if the images are under a clear plastic covering the scanner's light might reflect back off of the page. A test run can easily solve this issue of it happens. Use T.L.C. when handling images and if possible ask your Elders about images that stand out from the rest. They will, hopefully, give you some additional family history.
Have fun scanning. Keep in touch