Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Langley family cemetery; ca.1848

The Langley family cemetery (caucasian) was established ca.1850. The exact size of the cemetery is not known but, through family oral history, there are at least six American Civil War Veterans, from the same family.

James & Susan Langley

Notice the birth and death dates.

Images depicted are initial photographs taken when I first went to the graveyard. During the rest of 2010, and through 2011, I will be stabilizing this cemetery, along with the other graveyards; under the care through Resurrection Mission.

In addition to the preservation of this cemetery, a detailed research will be conducted in regards to the individuals laid to rest in this graveyard. Special attention will be during the research to confirm all Veterans of the Langely cemetery.

Very old and tall tree stands over the cemetery

Tall grass hides not-less-then thirty grave sites.

Fallen headstones lay in or, are encrusted by wild foliage.

Three headstones are stacked against one of the older trees.
The graves to these headstones are now "unmarked" and covered with generations of debris.

Updates on the progress of this project, through Resurrection Mission, will be provided over the next eighteen months. Donations will be appreciated but, not required, expected or, demanded.

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