Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Langley cemetery update; Richlands, N.C.

Blog post update for: Tuesday, September 07, 2010, --Langley family cemetery; ca.1848

Recently, Annie Bishop, direct descendent of individuals laid to rest within the Langley family cemetery; est. ca.1850, was kind enough to visit and spend time with me telling stories of her Ancestors who are laid to rest within this cemetery.

Annie provided much needed genealogy information in regards to the cemetery. She also corrected information that had been provided by a non-family Elder of the community.

First, this cemetery, although dominated by the Langely surname, is known by local Elders of the community as the Burton cemetery. Over decades other nearby residents have come to know it as the former name, based on the number of Langley family graves.

Annie Bishop stands behind her G-G-grandparents: Lorenzo & Clara Bryan

Second, something Annie confirmed and was elighted to hear, is that not-less-then eight Ancestors in this small family cemetery; served in the War Between the States (American Civil War). She had known that Lorenzo was a C/W Veteran and also believed that there were one; maybe two, additional C/W Veterans.

Carol Bryan-ca.1900, Onslow County, Richlands, N.C.;

Standing in front of family homestead.


Karen the AncesTree Sprite said...

Jack I really love your blog and your work. What a wonderful gift you are giving to the ancestors so that they are not forgotten.

Under every shattered tombstone or overgrown grave lies someone who once was someone's son or daughter in times gone by. They may have been a husband or wife, a mother or father, a sister or brother as well, but every one was a beloved child to someone at one point. Tou aren't just restoring stones and ols cemeteries, you are restoring the memory and respect to those who have passed. Kudos!

Jack Robinson said...


Such kind words that you have written in reference to my work. They are deeply appreciated. Keep in touch. Best wishes, Jack


Sarah Cape said...

Mr Robinson this is my families cemetary... Did you know there is another "Langley cemetary" in tar landing? Also do you know who cares for the cemetary on 258? I want to clean it so badly! My grandmother patsy told me to find you!

Jack Robinson said...

Sara... Thank you for your comments. Since this cemetery is on private farm/crop land... I have since been asked not to maintain this cemetery...instead, the property owner said they will maintain it. The cemetery, as of this date has not be properly cared for..IMHO...since I completed my work