Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday~~Recognizing our military K.I.A.

New K.I.A. "Challenge" coins.

I am proud to announce a new joint effort, in recognition to our military K.I.A and the work being done through Resurrection Mission--searching for our "forgotten" veterans; laid to rest in endangered cemeteries.

The designer, owner and distributor of the new "K.I.A. remembrance Coin," has donated some of these coins to be used as a fundraiser for Resurrection Mission.

When purchasing coins directly through Resurrection Mission, 100% of all profits from the sales of these coins, will go directly towards this group's increasing debts.

Options to purchase a coin through Resurrection Mission:

1) Through PayPal--using for business address.

2) Check or money order to:

Jack Robinson/Resurrection Mission
P.O. Box 1501
Richlands, N.C. 28574

Donation price: $23.95/per coin (USD); which includes U.S.P.S. basic mailing service.

Please note: Donations are tax-deductable.

To order direct from exclusive owner/developer of the K.I.A. Remembrance coin:

Contact Terry Peters: (type "K.I.A. coins," in subject line)

through Facebook (using above same address)
Check or, money order (USA) mailed to:
Mr. Terry Peters
642 Deppe Rd.
Maysville Nc 28555

Please note: Pricing remains the same ($23.95 USD), however, purchase price is not tax-deductable.

Other shipping are optional but, additional fees will be required.
Payment in full before shipping.

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