Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday- WWI Navy Vet

I was recently informed of two "very old" cemeteries within Onslow County. Family members asked me to visit them and was welcome to document the Veterans who were laid to rest in the two grave yards.
The Edens family have taken great pride in protecting their Ancestors. We should all commend them and other families who do the same hard work in protecting cemeteries.

One of the many Veterans within the oldest of the two family cemeteries served during
World War I.

Frank Namon Edens; U.S. Navy; WWI

Born: November 14, 1896

Died: Novemeber 17, 1918

Frank Namon Edens' headstone is not a Veteran's headstone although numerous other graves indicate military with such grave markers. This headstone appears to have been provided by the family of this young Veteran.

Take special notice of the markings at the top of the headstone--an anchor. A second interesting and as of this posting, is yet unresearched, is that this Navy veteran died in 1918-possibly a KIA or, soon after returning home from the war. In either case, a sad time for his family.

Do you notice a third fact pertaining to the date he died compared to the date of his birth?

If anyone has information on this Navy veteran who served with honor, please leave a note.
Thank you for taking the time to review this post.

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