Saturday, July 17, 2010

Great new Tattoo shop in Jacksonville, N.C. Mall

I received my first tattoo today, to commemorate my fifteen years of research in regards to the little known histories of Onslow County, North Carolina

Gyspy Rose-tattoo and body piercing studio has a strong following of clientele of all ages, since they opened their doors within the Jacksonville, North Carolina shopping mall, located on Western Blvd.

Gypsy Rose studio is located to the left, just outside the "Sears" mall entrance.

David, owner of Gypsy Rose studio, begins the process of etching my tattoo.

Finished tattoo
Why a Tall Wind- sail vessel?
My first book, and first serious research project, was about the life of
Captain Burns' adventures and battles, on the High Seas, and against British Tall wind-sail vessels are still being talked about to this day.

To make an appointment for a new tattoo, touch up or, body piercing call David or, his staff, at Gypsy Rose 1-910-938-1200.

You can visit the studio each day during the week and weekends.

Custom tattoo art is welcomed.

Give them a call and tell them the Old Marine who writes about War of 1812 Privateers and Naval battles sent you.

Currently, my research projects consist of locating "endangered " cemeteries and caring for them In addition, I attempt to locate our "forgotten" military Veterans who were laid to rest decades ago with no one to give them their due respect and recognition.

Semper Fi !



Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Looks great!

Jack Robinson said...

Thanks Amy for your post.

Everyone who has seen my new tattoo says it is an excellent work. David the owner, said that that was the type of service that he wants from his staff of tattoo artists.

The whole crew at Gypsy Rose tattoo studio are friendly and well qualified in their field of work.

Call them or, if you are in Jacksonville, N.C. area, go visit the studio.

Best wishes,


Taneya said...

Wow! Very nice tat!

Taneya said...

Very nice tat!

Taneya said...

so much dedication- I had to blog about it!

Jack Robinson said...

Hi Taneya,

Thank you for your blog and link. I have added your link onto Twitter and Face Book. People will enjoy reading it and learn more about you and your site.

If you have any more questions pertaining to my book(s) or, cemetery preservation work, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for all that you do to help promote N.C. unique histories and issues.

Best wishes,