Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Twitter Wordless Wednesday~images of the past

A key solution for identifying individuals, events, dates and locations of photographs is to write the traditional information on the back of images. By giving a very brief: who, what, why, where & when, of the picture, generations later will know the importance & reason for saving the image.

Below are two such photographs, located in an old dusty and very fragile photo album. Besides knowing the location of the photographer's home-base, information as to who these two individuals, or how they are connected, may remain a mystery.

What were these individual's life like? Why is the woman wearing leather gloves? Is there a particular reason for the man in the image below is leaning against a very small table?

Unidentified woman, wearing leather gloves;

year image was taken--unknown

Unidentified man, leaning against small table; year image was taken--unknown

There is no information as to who took the woman's photograph.

The male's image was taken by a photographer working for: S. Klugher's Gallery-210 Locust Street-Columbia, PA.

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Sanjay Maharaj said...

I totally agree with yourcomments, photos, records need to be clearly identifed and if possible a little commentary on them so that when the next generation is looking at them they will know the significance of these memorabilias