Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tweeter Wordless Wednesday~~Lady with book

Here is another photograph that was located in a very old, dusty, fragile photo album.
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Lady in chair holding book
Do you have any suggestions as to the time period of this image? I could use some help to identify the time period for this image and the previous ones.
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Sanjay Maharaj said...

I am sure someone will be albe to give a timeframe based on the clothes she is wearing and the arm rest on the chair she is sitting on. My guess anyways, great picture. Who is she?

Lori said...

Jack, I really love this photograph. I wonder if she might have been a teacher?

Jack Robinson said...

Hello Sanjay,
I have no clue as to who this young lady, along with the other people in previously posted pictures.

I purchased a very old, dusty, shredded photo album while looking around an old consignment shop. Pretty much every item for sale was covered with dust. Pretty nice place to do picken.

I bought the album for a good penny. The price was well worth it since I knew the images were very old. I just do not know how old.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. Much appreciated.


Jack Robinson said...

Hello Lori,

I did not even think of the posibility of her being a teacher. It would explain a pose with a book.

I have no clue who the young lady is except to say that the photographer of the image, J.E.Jeffres, was home-based in York, PA.