Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Twitter Wordless Wednesday--Instant family photos

The first two images posted below were found, very dusty, in a consignment shop. The owner of the shop suggested if I placed these images into a frame and then hung them on my wall, they would become my "instant family photos."

While viewing the photographs below, ask yourself what type of life did these people have.

The third image, Elderly African American lady sitting in a chair, was given to me but, I lost all data about this lady because I misplaced my field notes. Lesson: file notes away in safe place for future reference.

Last image is of myself while researching, documenting and then caring for endangered cemeteries.


My endangered cemetery work is on-going. During 2010, I will be working on two new endangered cemeteries, one of which dates to ca.1790. In addition, I will continue my work of researching, stabilizing and maintaining fourteen other grave yards.

Monetary donations will not be demanded or even expected but, will be greatfully accepted.

Best wishes

Jack Robinson

GySgt., U.S. Marine Corps, retired

P.O. Box 1501

Richlands, North Carolina 28574

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