Saturday, December 05, 2009

Twitter Surname Saturday Post

Keeping with the Genebloggers' daily postings, here is one of many of the surnames that I am currection researching.

The African American Petteway surname was, as family oral history states, started when the Grandfather of Dalton Odell Petteway was freed from Slavery in southeastern North Carolina, within Onslow County.

George Washington and Cecilia Ann White Petteway took their Plantation owner's surname out of respect of their owner and family.

I currently researching the African American Petteway family history and am the exclusive historian and caretaker of the all African American Petteway family cemetery, est. ca.1875.

I have gathered enough research material to confirm this old cemetery is the largest all African American family cemetery within Onslow county, North Carolina.

For more information on cemetery preservation projects being conducted by Resurrection Mission, visit --

All work, within fourteen cemeteries, are being completed by myself, at my own expense, time and labor. Doing this work is very rewarding on so many levels.

With an agreement with I.C.P.A, a Not-For-Profit organization, home-based in Florida, I can now accept finacial or in-kind donations for my work. Donations are not demanded or, expected but, will be warmly accepted.

Best wishes,

Jack Robinson,
GySgt., U.S. Marine Corps, Ret.
Director of Operations/Resurrection Mission

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