Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Recognizing "forgotten" military veteran

One of the primary goals of Resurrection Mission is to locate, confirm and then recognize "forgotten" military veterans laid to rest within endangered cemeteries.

Walter Green, PFC, U.S. Army, WWII, is only one of the military veterans who have been laid to rest within what is referred to locally as the "Diggs" cemetery.

This all African American cemetery was formed after 1943, when graves were removed from various locations,after the newly establishment of local Marine Corps Bases. The Diggs cemetery's last known burial was in the mid-1960s. Nearly all of the three hundred, or more, grave markers have disappeared.

Portion of Diggs cemetery during initial cleanup.

{Note: Notice row of piled leaves and debris which consists of only a three foot area, to form a temporary path. There is still over three more inches of compost that has formed over the "original" ground surface, yet to be removed from the path area.}

Some Elders of the community, many living adjacent to the Diggs cemetery, have confirmed the appearance of the cemetery, during the early years of existance, as being very well-kept. Today, the cemetery has been over-welmed with nearly fifty years of encrouching foliage.

If you have any material in regards to PFC Green or, the all African American Diggs Cemetery please contact me through this site. Monetary donations will not be demanded or, expected but, would be greatly appreciated. 100% of any donation goes to debts occurred through Resurrection Mission.

Best wishes,

Jack Robinson

GySgt. U.S. Marine Corps, Retired.

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