Monday, August 24, 2009

Help protect endangered cemeteries

Every day, somewhere in the U.S.A., an endangered cemetery is located, damaged, or left unattended. Over time, some of these graveyards become forgotten and then "misplaced."

Due to recent National activity and focus on endangered cemeteries, I have been contacted from across the United States to give tips on how to find ways to protect endangered cemeteries.

Resurrection Mission is now up and running. Staff members are giving National advice and within Onslow County, North Carolina, locating and protecting endangered cemeteries. Focus is on pre-1940 era all African American Cemeteries.

Locating "forgotten" war Veterans, Slaves or Former Slaves is a high priority of the staff of Resurrection Mission.

Please take a moment and use the attached link to give a modest donation to help the staff of Resurrection Mission. Every dollar helps and will go directly to the ever growing debt compiled in protecting endangered cemeteries.

Direct donations are tax deductible.

Click here make a direct donation

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