Friday, June 05, 2009

Searching for our lost history through Resurrection Mission

Just a short update as to why I will start an exciting new phase for Resurrection Mission.

Our goal, as established by Ssgt. Anthony Goodwin, U.S. Marine Corps KIA, is to locate endangered cemeteries, identify "forgotten" veterans, Slaves & Former Slaves and to ensure these Hallow Grounds will be protected from urban Sprawl.

Starting next week, due to two exciting discoveries, I will be on the threshold of identifying veteran graves who served during the American Revolutionary War. Two endangered cemeteries were recently rediscovered, by accident, by county officials who, in turn, contacted me. There are not-less-then two hundred pre-1860 era graves within these two cemeteries.

Many males within these grave yards were born prior to 1780--suggesting at least some, through detailed research, will be confirmed as veterans. These men will include early American militia.

Over the next weeks, months and year, I will post updates on these and other once endangered cemeteries that Resurrection Mission is stabilizing, maintaining and preserving.

I am currently doing 100% of labor, costs and research fees at my own cost. The goal outways the financial hardship. If anyone, however, do wishe to make a financial donation it will be welcomed, warmly, to ease the borden of expsense.

To date, fourteen cemeteries are now protected and being saved for our next generation.

The adventure continues...

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