Sunday, June 07, 2009

Local Ruritan Club donates funds to help protect endangered cemeteries

News_Richlands, N.C._June 7, 2009

Richlands, North Carolina Ruritan Club donates $100.00 to Jack Robinson, Director of Resurrection Mission, an organization that locates, documents and preserves once endangered cemeteries.

Pictured (L-R) Jack Robinson; Ted Stamey, President Richlands' Ruritan Club; Dolan Oakley, Liberty Cheverlet and life-long resident of Richlands and Mary Jane Heath, Life-time member of Ruritan.

The Grave yard of the first official Mayor of Richlands, North Carolina, L.W. Hargett, and his family was encrusted with briar brush, vines, fallen trees and multiple inches of debris and compost when first visited by Jack Robinson. He has since cleaned this family grave yard, as with his other once endangered cemeteries, with care and respect. Now the Hargett family will rest in peace in a clean and protected environment.

You can reach Ted Stamey & Mary Jane Heath at 1-910-324-7369. To ask Dolan Oakley, a strong advocate in community support, questions pertaining the his dealership, you can reach him at 1-910-324-3101.

To make a finacial donation to Resurrection Mission please click on this article's title; you will then be taken to the Resurrection Mission Website. Thank you.

Compare before and after by reviewing above image's back & foreground.

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