Sunday, January 07, 2007

Exciting African American Cemetery Preservation Project (privately funded)

I have initiated a stabilization and preservation project for an all African American Cemetery that has been in use since c.1895.

As my research progresses a more precise date will be determined. Within the Brick Mill Cemetery there are not less than fifteen former slaves and over twenty, confirmed, veterans of four foriegn wars. Many of these veterans served in segregated units while fighting to preserve American freedoms during WWI & WWII.

The estimated number of graves within this cemetery may rise to over three hundred. The number of gravesites, former slaves, and veterans of foriegn wars surpass any all African American cemetery within the immediate region of southeastern North Carolina.

I am conducting this preservation project at my own expense with the intentions of developing a publication of my findings. I plan on having the publication available by the spring of 2008. Local church, community leaders and many direct descendents of individuals buried within this cemetery have given their approval for my project.

The Brick Mill Cemetery, located on private property and not accessible by the general public, has been retaken by Mother Nature. Nearly sixty percent (estimate) of the original cemetery is not visable due to massive amount of foliage over graves (see attached images). Fifty yards into the thick wooded area are more graves which were at one point, nearly one hundred years ago, part of the central area of the cemetery.

If you have any questions about this privatly funded project contact me at { }


Please be aware that this project is not part of any museum, church, or "not-for-profit" organization.

Since I am also not "not-for-profit," I can not formally solicite assistance nor finance contributions.


Stop by from time to time and get bi-monthly updates on this vital and long overdue project.

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