Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Real-Time Website data from

Hello Everyone:

I have spent the past few days fine-tuning my various websites and Blogs. I now have a centralized Blog at where I have my Internet sites linked.

Over time, I will put blurps onto my other blogs and have a link to this new one. I came across a tool, while reviewing the Guerilla Marketers Cafe' {GMC} (author's), for people who want to track real-time hits on their websites. allows you the oppurtunity to not only track your page hits, but has an over aboundant assessory of tools. Really impressive and even is a FREE service (the basic program).--------

Thank you Clary Lopez,Operator of GMC and Jonterri Gadson, self-published author, for your quality guidance and comments on the GMC forum on this topic.-------

Check out my personal page at scroll down and you will see a little light blue icon with "See stats" posted under it. I have this icon locate in different places on the various web pages. Click on the "See stats" link and you will be able to review my website information. While reviewing my statitics, you can modify the information by clicking on the side bar options.

This is really a full sized program. For the novice, this is a vital tool to "learn the trade."

Talk to you soon.

Leave a message if you have the time. --------------------

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Guerrilla Insight said...

Hi Jack,

You are very welcomed. Why I try to do at Guerrilla Marketers Cafe is to simply help authors promote their books and show them how they can do a lot of self promotion as well. I'm a research junkie, and what else can I do with all the information but to share it with my fellow writers? I think is more fun to share the experiences, joys and challenges with others than to go about it alone.

Congratulations on you new blog, I'll be visiting often and feel free to link on to whatever you think your readers might be intereted in.

To your success!

Clary Lopez

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Kimberly Johnson, previously Kimberly Makolandra.

My father was Roger Makolandra. My husband was doing some web surfing and found an entry on your myspace indicating that my father was your hero. I was just wondering how you knew my father and how he influenced you to think of him as a hero.
He was a great step-father to the four of us kids for 16 years. He took on an immediate family when he married my mother.

Roger divorced my mother and remarried. He married Laura and they had two beautiful boys together. Although they had a short-time together he was a wonderful father, I'm sure.

If you could please respond I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time in advance.

Kimberly L. Johnson
Saint Cloud, MN

Jack Robinson said...


Please contact me at:

Please do not give out this email address or post it.

Talk to you soon.

With respect,


Jack Robinson said...


I just received an email from a Frankie Cruz who state that all attempts to track you down had fail until I was contacted.

Here is the email address that was provided:

I attempted to use send you an email but, the messages kept being returned stating unable to deliver.

I hope you are doing well.

With respect,