Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Communty bookstore begins to sell Historical Researcher's book !

Captain Otway Burns experienced a life as a determined and hunted War of 1812 American Privateer, highly successful local businessman, and controversial, but misunderstood North Carolina politician.

Raised in Swansboro, NC but later in life maintained a home within the city of Beaufort, NC, next to the ocean he loved and sailed upon. His reputation as a stern, overbearing individual is still talked about and debated to this day.

The Swansboro Bookstore, The Book Shelf, located at 208 Main Street, is currently selling paperback copies of Captain Otway Burns And His Ship Snap Dragon (ISBN-1411676939).

Written by Jack Robinson, this intriquing book details Captain Burns' challenges and experiences he faced during his nearly sixty-five years of service to his community, state, and Nation. Jack has taken the myths, misunderstandings, and facts of Captain Burns life and has presented a refreshing new interpretation of how this local legend lived his life.

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